Company Profile

Company Name  Otias co.,Ltd
Established  March 1993
President  Akihito Saito


~ Greetings from Akihito Saito~

The OMAKE EC site is jointly operated by Otias Co.,Ltd. and SaitoPlanningCo.,Ltd.(SaitoPlanningCo.,Ltd. operates approximately 1,800 capsule toy vending machines with more than 13,000 machines nationwide. The company also develops and sells many original products related to anime characters. (Otias Co.,Ltd. is mainly involved in product planning for SaitoPlanningCo.,Ltd., and also develops and sells its own original products through SaitoPlanningCo.,Ltd. (Otias Co.,Ltd. holds the liquor sales license (license for sales from EC sites) and is the main operator of the site, but the two companies work together to create a unique site that takes full advantage of the strengths of both companies.

 Our Business
1. sales and maintenance support for toy vending machines (gacha, cards, digital enclosures, etc.)
2. various outsourced operations
3. system provision and various data sales
4. Wholesale of toys in general, hobby products, amusement prizes and science products
5. OEM manufacturing, planning and development contracting

5-24-1 Tajima, Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama


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