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So, You may be here because of you wanna know about


In this blog, I will give a general overview of what we actually sell and how we sell it.

★We mainly set up Gacha(Capsule Toy) Machine.
★We do a wholesale of Gacha(Capsule Toy) products, other food and toys.
  ⇒The capsule toy is placed inside the Gacha(Capsule Toy) Machine. If you insert a coin, You can capsule toys come out from inside the Gacha(Capsule Toy) Machine. After inserting a coin, the handle unlocks. Then, you can always rotate the handles once each time you insert a coin.

The capsule toy will come out at randomly.(Generally, there are several kinds of capsule toys in one theme product, and they come out at random.)


Capsule Toy Machine(GachaGacha Machine)


Joy Box Machine


Plastic File Folder Machine


 ⇩If you are interested in the detailed original products, please go to this blog post.⇩


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