About Saito Kikaku

Many of you may not know what we do.
Therefore, we are pleased to provide a profile of our company here.

Company Profile

Company Name Saito Planning Co., Ltd.
Established    March 1993
President     Akihito Saito



As our company name "planning" suggests, we are developing and expanding our business through the creation of a planning system. Saito Planning was established in March 1993 as a toy wholesaler, OEM manufacturer, and planner/developer, based on my experience as a toy buyer at a GMS. The company introduced its proprietary "C-TOS," a capsule toy specialized for the so-called "GACHA-GACHA" market, and embarked on a full-scale nationwide expansion, developing sales channels such as convenience stores and drugstores in addition to supermarkets. We aim to become a major player in the capsule card market.

In this way, we have absorbed and utilized know-how from the service industry, which is completely different from our own, and this is a clear indication of our corporate culture of "spirit of originality and ingenuity" with a willingness to take on any challenge. In other words, our business style is "planning and proposal-oriented.

We look forward to your warm understanding and support.

Akito Saito, President Saito Planning Co., Ltd.



 Our Business
  • Sales and maintenance support for toy vending machines (gacha, cards, digital enclosures, etc.)
  • Various outsourced operations
  • system provision and various data sales
  • Wholesale of toys in general, hobby products, amusement prizes and science products
  • OEM manufacturing, planning and development contracting



5-24-1 Tajima, Sakura-ku, Saitama-shi, Saitama


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