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RW008 Weapon Unit 08 Battle Lance

RW008 Weapon Unit 08 Battle Lance

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-Product Description-
The 9th Weapon Unit Renewal Project.

The series has been in existence for over 15 years, and some of the items in this long series have been completely renewed.
Replacing the Lance Double Blade (discontinued) is a large lance with a choice of two different spear points.
The conical spearhead is molded in silver and looks great just assembled.
The grip has a movable gimmick as well as a mechanism to increase the holding power, allowing for a wide range of enjoyment.
The shield attached to the side can be removed.

-Product Specs-

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Part Number: RW008

Total length: approx.243mm

Product Specifications: Plastic Model
■Two types of spearheads are included, a simple "conical type" and a "bayonet type", allowing you to match the style of your choice.
■The main grip unit is equipped with a movable gimmick that allows you to change the way you hold the spear.
■The rod part has a 3mm connection and can be removed for use.
■The shield on the side has a flexible base that allows for a wider range of posing options.
The shield can also be removed and used as a shield for Frame Arms Girl and Hexagear Governor.
■The cover parts on the side of the main grip are movable and can be used to increase the model's holding power.

Number of parts: 1 to 50
■Spear tip conical type x 1 set
■Spear tip bayonet type x 1
■Grip unit x 1
■Rod parts×1
■Shield unit x1
■Shield grip parts (for Frame Arms Girl & Governor) x1
■Cover parts x 1 set


Sculptor: Mitsunobu Tamura

Title: MSG Modeling Support Goods
Copyright © KOTOBUKIYA
Scale: non-scale

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