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MW42 Weapon Unit 42 Folding Arm

MW42 Weapon Unit 42 Folding Arm

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-Product Description-
The 42nd item in the MSG Weapon Unit Series is a "Folding Arm" designed for a wide variety of uses!
The Folding Arm is an item that ensures a wide range of movement by using various 3mm axis connection parts.
In its retracted state, it is almost square and can be attached without disturbing the silhouette.
The upper arm can be extended to a maximum length of approximately 90mm.
Each part can be disassembled and used as a connecting part, and since each axis is a 3mm axis, various MSG can be used.
The basic weapon is a "small missile pod" attached to the tip of the upper arm, and a "foldable rifle" attached to the lower arm.
The muzzle of the foldable rifle has a 3mm connection hole and various MSG can be attached.
The multi-platform connecting the arm to the weapon can also be used to attach various MSG as a stand-alone item.

Product Specs
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Part Number: MW42
Total length: 35mm (when stored), 150mm (when deployed)

Product Specifications: Plastic model
Number of Parts: 1-50
Material: PS
Sculptor: Shigeo Mori
Title: MSG Modeling Support Goods
Copyright: © KOTOBUKIYA
Scale: non-scale

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