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KP525 Zombieoid Biters

KP525 Zombieoid Biters

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-Product Description-
The new series of palm-sized movable plastic models "END OF HEROES" has started!

A new series of 1/24th scale plastic models, "END OF HEROES"!
We will bring you all kinds of outsiders suitable for the devastated world in palm-sized plastic models.

The lineup includes zombies, thieves, hunters, and other familiar motifs from horror, action, and science fiction films.
With the new characters to be released one after another, it will be like a movie theater right in front of your eyes. Yes, you are the director!

Research Report 2: Zombieoid Biters
As a result of our research, we have learned a certain amount about the ecology (?) of this mysterious thing.
1, They act in groups and seek human flesh and blood. 2, They approach their prey slowly.
2. They approach their prey slowly, but there is always an individual approaching from a blind spot.
They prey on their prey by tearing it apart with greater force than they did before they were born.
These are the common ecology, but there are other differences in their abilities, such as running, communication among themselves, and intelligence, depending on the region.
Now, let's get out of here before they find us.

Year 20XX.
A world in which civilization, order, and even sin have been consumed and collapsed by the flames of transgression caused by the "Great Salvation.

In a world where the dead have awakened as on the Day of Judgment written in a discarded prophecy, and their vices are honored, the saints have been transformed into wicked men, the hunters into bloodthirsty wolves, and the earth has been overrun by deformed beings who could only have existed in the world of stories....

-Product Specs-
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Part Number: KP525
Size: approx.75mm

Item Specifications: Plastic model
Although the figure is only 75mm in height and palm-sized, 30 joints throughout the body are movable.
In addition to the ball joint that connects to the head, the neck has a movable axis that moves back and forth, allowing the head to be moved forward in order to pose the zombie in a biting posture or face-up pose when lying on its belly, which is unique to zombies.
The shoulders have a wider range of motion by allowing the pectoral muscle part to move forward.
The hip joints can move up and down, allowing the thighs to be brought forward significantly.
The ankle joints are not only movable vertically, but can also be rolled left and right.
Poses with a zombie-like crumpled torso are also possible.
Wrist parts are molded from PVC to recreate the expression of rigor mortis.

The zombieoid biters come with replaceable torso parts, allowing for a variety of zombie situations.
A 3mm shaft hole is provided in the back, allowing the figure to jump, blow up, and perform other unique zombie actions using the mini flying base (sold separately).
The clear red blood puddle effect parts that are commonly included with all Zombinoids can be connected to the mini flying base to serve as a pedestal, and can also be used to recreate zombie movies.

The main body is molded in 4 colors and can be assembled and played as a zombie right out of the box.

■Number of parts: 1-50
■ Main body x 1
■Optional parts: Body x 1
■Blood puddle effect x 1pc

PVC (non-phthalate), ABS
Sculptor: Unitech Co.
Copyright © KOTOBUKIYA
Scale 1/24
JAN 4934054017225

*The image is a prototype. It may differ slightly from the actual product. It is also painted for the purpose of photography.

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