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ARTPLA Zookeeper and White Rhino Set

ARTPLA Zookeeper and White Rhino Set

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White rhinoceros joins the group!
A new addition to the 1/35 scale animal plastic modeling kei.
In addition to the white rhino with its huge body and large horns, the set also includes a baby elephant and crocodile that receive milk from their keeper. The prototype, created by sculptor Shinobu Matsumura, is beautifully sculpted in a unique pose that seems to capture a moment of such a scene.
Also included are four keepers who take care of the animals' personal care, as well as a turret truck and bench. Simply assemble the figure and place it next to the animals to recreate a variety of situations.

All ARTPLA series animal plastic models are unified in 1/35 scale, so you can combine them with other items to make your zoo even bigger and more expansive!

■Kit Contents
Turret truck
Four zookeepers
White rhino
Elephant cub
Connecting fence


*The images shown are samples during development and may differ slightly from the actual product.

~Product Outline~
Specifications: Assembled plastic model
Size 1/35 scale
Material HIPS
Molding Color: Light Purple
Sculptor Shinobu Matsumura
Sculptor Kaiyodo
Turret Truck: Akira Tani
Bench: Honan Mizuta
Keeper: Taro Murai
White rhino, baby elephant, crocodile: Shinobu Matsumura

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