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ARTPLA Shitenno Statue Jikokuten

ARTPLA Shitenno Statue Jikokuten

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The Guardian God of the East is now available as a high-resolution injection kit!
KAIYODO has been producing many "top-quality replicas that can be held in the hand" by capturing the characteristics of works of art and standing statues through precision and exquisite balance based on a thorough eye for observation. KAIYODO is now launching a series of plastic modeling kits that attempt to express this technology in the form of injection kits of "Buddhist statues"!
The first in the series is a plastic model of "Jikkoten" holding a three-pronged spear and glaring at the principal image of the Four Heavenly Kings, who protect the principal image from the four directions.

The images shown are samples during development and may differ slightly from the actual product.

~Product Outline~

Specifications Assembled plastic model
Size Not to scale
Height: approx. 160mm
(from base to top of head)
Material: HIPS
Molding Color: Dark Green
Sculptor Studio Lotus

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