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AF001 Ocean Exploration Robot Denshitako3 [Normal Color Ver.]

AF001 Ocean Exploration Robot Denshitako3 [Normal Color Ver.]

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-Product Description-
Your "Art Spirit" comes to life!
From the world of creators' soft vinyl figures comes the "Ocean Exploration Robot Denshitako No. 3 ", a PVC painted posable figure from Kotobukiya!

The exploration robots of " Hinomoto Jyuko " were created by HAKURO, an illustrator and sculptor.
As an artist collaboration between Kotobukiya and Hinomoto Jyuko , the cute and pop-cute marine exploration robot " Denshitako No. 3 " is now available as a PVC figure in the standard "Normal Color Ver".

-Denshitako 3-
Denshitako 3 is an ocean exploration robot developed by the fictional company " Hinomoto jyuko ".
It is modeled after the deep-sea creature Mendako, and is capable of a wide range of activities from deep sea to fresh water.
Its cute appearance and high performance have made it a favorite of many people, and in recent years it has come to be used not only for ocean exploration but also in a variety of other places.
Each Denshi-Takko has a different personality, but the Denshi-Takkos at Hinomoto Jyuko have a bright and cheerful personality.

-Jyuko Hinomoto-
Hinomoto Jyuko is a company that develops robots mainly for exploration in a future Japan where the field of technological development is significantly more advanced than today.
The company's corporate motto is "Make things last and take good care of them," and it has developed by focusing on its maintenance division, so all of its robots have a cute appearance that people will love.

-Product Specs-
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Part Number: AF001
Size: approximately 90mm in height
Specifications: Action Figure / Painted Posable Figure

Product Specifications
・The prototype was created under the thorough supervision of the designer Mr. HAKURO, keeping the charm of the original soft vinyl version.
・Eleven points of her entire body are movable, making her an action figure.
・Three types of face parts are available: "front view", "right view" and "left view".
By replacing the face parts, you can enjoy changing her gaze.
・Bent arms (left and right) are included for replacement. Cute poses are also possible!
・Legs are articulated with pull-out joints.
・Equipped with a 3mm joint (hole) on the back. By using the MSG New Flying Base (sold separately) or other stands with 3mm joints, you can recreate scenes as if you were exploring underwater.
※The stand is not included with this product.

Main body of "Denshitako 3
Face parts (front, right and left eye line)
Arm parts (straight arms (left and right) and bent arms (left and right))

PVC (non-phthalate), ABS

Title: Hinomoto Jyuko
Copyright ©HAKURO
Scale: No scale

*The image is a prototype. Actual product may differ slightly.

Photography cooperation: Adam's awesome pie

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