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Licca-chan 31 ice cream shop

Licca-chan 31 ice cream shop

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● Product name

Licca-chan 31 ice cream shop

●Product description

Welcome to 31 Ice Cream Shop!
You can scoop ice cream from a refrigerated case that can be opened and closed, and serve it in cones and cups.

● Contents

A total of 40 ice cream parts that look just like the real thing!
Scoop ice cream and serve it in cones and cups!
Arrange the ice creams in openable cases to create a wonderful shop!
The cone can be held properly in Licca's hand, and since it comes with a table and chairs, you can pretend to be a clerk or a customer.
It is very easy to play with a stand that allows Licca to stand.
There is also a storage case on the side of the shop so that small parts can be neatly put away.

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