For about 300 years, Shirakawa Daruma Sohonpo has valued each and every customer and has continued to be loved by the locals. Shirakawa Daruma was born as a lucky charm to bring good luck, based on the desire of Sadanobu Matsudaira, famous for the Kansei reforms, to ``make the lives of citizens more energetic.''
Since ancient times, whenever people wish for something, such as the health of their family, the prosperity of their company, getting accepted into a high school or university, or winning an election, Shirakawa Daruma has always been nearby, and has continued to support people's dreams and hopes. .
The most distinctive feature of the Shirakawa Daruma is that its face depicts ``Tsurukame, Shochiku, Bai,'' a symbol of good luck, and its design is said to have been created by the famous artist Fumicho Tani.
There is also a custom that when making a wish, you first put your eye into the left eye of the Daruma doll, and when your wish comes true, you put your eye into the right eye.