Kokeshi dolls, a traditional Japanese craft, date back to the Edo period. It is said that it was created to express the wishes for physical and mental recovery, a good harvest, and the growth of children.
Usaburo Kokeshi is a creative kokeshi workshop located in Shinto Village, Gunma Prefecture.
Usaburo Kokeshi dolls are unique in that they are created with free designs that take advantage of the wood grain and skin and are not limited by shape.
In addition, all the wood used for Usaburo Kokeshi dolls comes from Gunma Prefecture, which is harvested from the local mountain forests, and is mainly dogwood with white skin and beautiful grain.
Starting with the original Kokeshi doll, ``Okappa Kokeshi'', we have new designs that are not tied to conventional shapes, such as Santa, dolls, and other Kokeshi dolls that allow you to feel the four seasons, and character Kokeshi dolls, which are popular not only in Japan but also overseas. .