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RW007 Weapon Unit 07 Twin Ring Magnum

RW007 Weapon Unit 07 Twin Ring Magnum

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-Product Specs-
Manufacturer: Kotobukiya
Part Number: RW007

Total length: approx.110mm

Product Specifications: Plastic Model
■By combining two types of handguns A type and B type, it becomes a basic form twin-linked magnum.
■Two types of muzzle parts are included when combining, you can choose the shape of your choice.
■The A-type and B-type handguns can each have their magazine parts removed, and the B-type can be enjoyed as a bayonet form with the included combat knife attached if the rail parts are used.
The combat knife can also be used with Frame Arms and Frame Arms Girl.

■The grip part is movable and can be angled to suit the model to be held. A short grip with different lengths is included, allowing you to choose the length of the grip.
■It is molded in two colors, light gray and dark gray, and can be finished close to the image just by assembling.

Number of parts: 1-50

■ Handgun A type × 1
■ Handgun B type × 1
■Magazine × 2
■Muzzle parts for when combined A × 1
■Muzzle parts for combined use B×1
■Rail parts×1
■ Combat knife x 1
■Short type grip parts A×1
■Short type grip parts B×1


Sculptor/Designed by Yuichi Kuwamura

Title: MSG Modeling Support Goods
Copyright © KOTOBUKIYA
Scale: non-scale


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