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ARTPLA Tourists and African Elephant Set

ARTPLA Tourists and African Elephant Set

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The African elephant joins the 1/35 scale animal plasticine kei!
In addition to the African elephant, the largest herbivore on land, this plastic modeling kei includes a zoo scene and a tourist.
Shinobu Matsumura will be in charge of the sculpting.
The African elephant has been well reproduced with fine and deep wrinkles on its nose and body surface.
A wooden deck and gate that can be used as a zoo scene are included.
Can be combined with previous Animal Plamokei series to make your zoo even larger and more expansive.

■Kit Contents
African elephant
4 tourists
wood deck
Connecting fence x 3

*The images shown are samples during development and may differ slightly from the actual product.

~Product Outline~

Specifications Plastic assembled model
Size 1/35 scale
Height approx. 85mm (African elephant)
Material HIPS
Molding color: Ivory
1 decal included
Sculptor Shinobu Matsumura
Sculptor African elephant: Shinobu Matsumura
Tourist: Taro Murai
Gate, wooden deck: Honan Mizuta
Paint example production Goro Furuta / BOME

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