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ARTPLA Four Heavenly Kings Statue Tamonten

ARTPLA Four Heavenly Kings Statue Tamonten

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The divine general who protects the north is now available as a high-resolution injection kit!
Tamonten, who is positioned in the northern part (left rear) of the Four Heavenly Kings statue as seen from the main deity, is sculpted at a height of approximately 160mm to allow the viewer to enjoy just the right amount of presence and fine detail when holding the figure in their hands.
Tamonten, also known as Bishamonten in Japan, is worshiped solely as a god of victory and fertility, and is even counted as one of the seven gods of good fortune.
When placed as a statue of the Four Heavenly Kings, it is sculpted, like other Buddhist statues, in the motif of armor worn by warriors of the Tang Dynasty in China, and in a costume made up of heavenly garments. tranquil atmosphere of the actual Tamon-ten statue, with the pagoda held high in his hand, his mouth lightly open, and his gestures and facial expressions reminding us that there is something more precious beyond his gaze as he looks up to the heavens.

In addition to the three-armed spear held in the right hand, the roughly shaped pedestal, and the pagoda said to bring wealth in the hand, all of which are indispensable for Tamonten, the sculpture expresses the elaborate decoration of the armor surface expressed in subtle unevenness, the different shapes of the waist armor on the left and right sides, and different material textures such as cloth, leather and skin. and which has been passed down through the ages.

The parts are skillfully divided to ensure the beauty of the assembled figure, so that the details and characteristic curves of each part will not be destroyed by the molding process due to injection molding.

The number of parts has been kept to a minimum, allowing the figure of Tamonten to be assembled in a simple assembly process. The beautifully curved surfaces, the intricate workmanship, and the presence of the god of war can be easily enjoyed with this item.

The images shown are samples during development and may differ slightly from the actual product.

~Product Outline~
Specifications Assembled plastic model
Size Not to scale
Height: approx. 160mm
(from base to top of head)
Material: HIPS
Molding Color: Dark Blue
Sculptor Studio Ren

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