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[Cartoon] Weapon Unit 29 Hand Gatling Gun

[Cartoon] Weapon Unit 29 Hand Gatling Gun

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-Product Description-
In the "MSG Weapon Unit Series" that can easily decorate robot models, items designed under the theme of [realistic] are now available!

The 29th item in the lineup is once again the "Gatling Gun", one of the most popular categories among the many guns in the series.
The design emphasizes functionality with a small size and easy handling, a complete change from the popular "MW20 Gatling Gun" with its spring-loaded rotating gimmick.

■The foregrip and magazine positions can be swapped to the left or right.
Using the included attachments, two units can be connected together. (*Only one set of weapons is included with the product.)
■Hard points (3mm diameter connection holes) are provided on each part of the body, allowing for free attachment and arrangement to the model.
■By combining with "MW-30 belt link" (sold separately), you can also reproduce the form of a heavy machine gun.

Product Specifications

Scale: non-scale
Product Size: Total length/approx. 90mm
Product Specifications: Plastic model
Number of Parts: 1-50
Material: PS
Sculptor: Mitsunobu Tamura


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